BeWear is a B-to-B white label solution for online fashion retailers

Using 3D scanning, bespoke AI sewing patterns are algorithmically generated based on the topology of the individual body and produced via a decentralised on-demand sewing network in Europe. By integrating the BeWear software, we expect a long-term reduction of online returns by 50%, 12 billion tons less waste production, 150 billion Euro production cost savings and a reduction of 120 million tons CO2 equivalent emissions worldwide.

1. BeWear 3D Scan App ___ 2. BeWear Configurator___ 3. Bespoke AI sewing patterns___ 4. Decentralised production

  • BeWear 3D Scan App using Face ID from the smart phone for 3D surface reconstruction based on physical realism – no data estimation!
  • BeWear Configurator is an easy Webshop integration for fashion online retailers
  • On-demand automation and decentralised production as a B-B white label solution for online retailers
  • Automation and Production of fashion as a tailored service
  • Design for All – inclusive fashion for everybody – with off-standard bespoke AI sewing pattern designs based on the topology of the individual body !

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